Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp with Ion Air Purification 6-8 lbs.

Imported from Pakistan, this natural crystal salt lamp glows a warm, beautiful orange. Himalayan Salt is used around the world for its healing properties which include cleansing the air and improving focus. People with allergy problems often use Himalayan Salt for relief. AC Cord and light bulb are included with each lamp. 

** This Lamp Ships in 2 weeks

    Reduce allergy or asthma symptoms.*

    Neutralize electromagnetic radiation

    Prevent the build-up of static electricity

    Purifying environmental air

    Reduce stress

    Cleanse and deodorize air

    Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder*

    Reduce Static Electricity in the Air

    Environmentally- Friendly Light Source

    *These benefits have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration and are based on individual feeback, not scientific data. Visit your doctor for any medical treatment or dial 911 for emergencies.